On Spectacular Table you can find the best tables in restaurants. You can search a table you like, make a reservation on our platform and we take care of the rest.
Once you found your table, select the amount of persons and proceed with the reservation. We charge a small fee for booking this Spectacular Table for you. You and the restaurant receive a confirmation with detailed information. Everything else is as always - except YOU have the best table in the restaurant.
You can cancel your reservation up until 2h before the reservation takes place and we will refund the reservation fee to your credit card. After that the full reservation fee will be charged.
We will constantly extend our offer. We're always looking for the best tables in restaurants around the world. As soon as we found enough tables in your city you will find your city in our search. If you want to be up to date you can sign up for our newsletter and we will inform you about any updates.
Right now it's not possible for restaurants to add their tables themselves. But if you're interested in our Service you can contact us here and suggest your table. We're always looking for beautiful restaurant tables.
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